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fath daug 1 cover 7x5Storybooks

Our storybooks are the perfect way to capture and share the treasured stories of the people and events that are the foundations of your heritage. All of our storybooks start with 21 pages and are expandable to 99 pages for a nominal per page price. We now offer 7 different storybook sizes that include a vellum inset sheet at the front of the storybook.

The easy-to-follow Storybooking Planners and the Heritage Publisher’s online storybooking tips take the guesswork out of the authoring process. Storybook guides are packed full of questions that help you write your story from start to finish. You can find links to these on my Heritage Makers Help Page.

We have many digital storybooks already completed and ready for your personal photos and stories. The great features about these are that they are 100% changeable. For more details check out our “Digital Storybook Templates” tab and our Heritage Makers Template Gallery for over 500 templates to choose from.

Traditional Storybooks
Our traditional storybooks come in a variety of sizes: 5×5, 7×5, 8×8, 7.5×10, 11.5×8.5 and 12×12.

13×11 Legacy Edition
This high quality true coffee table storybook includes a genuine black leather cover, black end papers, translucent velum page at beginning and end, and a personalized color dust jacket.

Individual Prints

Affordably print your digital scrapbook pages to create a cherished keepsake the entire family can enjoy. Easily print digital scrapbook pages and place them in the scrapbook of your choice.

  • Velvet, acid-free, lignin-free paper
  • Outstanding and professional print quality
  • High-quality prints at an affordable price
  • Single-sided 12 x 12, 8 x 8 and 8.5 x 11

Playing Cards

Enjoy card games of all varieties with all of your family and friends. Game cards are customizable to fit any occasion or any game.

  • Customize front side of card with your family photos and stats
  • Keep your friends and family entertained for hours
  • Glossed cards with rounded corners
  • Shipped in a durable, plastic case


Our full color, matte finish timeless calendars can begin in the month of your choice. They are 8.5 x 11 Folded, 11 x 17 Unfolded and offer customizable backgrounds, photos and text on every page.

Posters are great for any room or office! Our posters are available in glossy 12×18 and matte finish 18×24. Our 16×20 Canvas Poster is sure to highlight your favorite photo with such beauty that it looks like it belongs in an art gallery.


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