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Scanning Scrapbooks

12x12 pagesYou document special memories that make your albums unique, such as: dates, stories, accomplishments, personal feelings, family quotes, etc. You can store your film negatives in a firebox or safe deposit box, but will you remember all of those special moments well enough to recreate the journaling? You have spent countless hours and many dollars documenting your memories, now is the time to preserve and protect them!

We specialize in scanning oversize albums: 12″x12″, 12″x15″ and welcome any size album from 3″x5″ to 12″x15″. We individually scan each layout without stitching! We complete all work in a clean environment and every album will be handled as if it were our own! You have the option to preserve your album to DVD or memory stick for a minimal fee. We will be glad to explain the difference in media to help determine what will best meet your needs.

Prices for our services are based on the size of the original album and are separated by size:

8×8 or smaller               $1.50 per scan

8 1/2×11 or larger        $2.00 per scan

High-resolution files
Utilizing the latest equipment technology and computer software, we can produce sharp, seamless digital replicas of your album pages, which will show vibrant colors within your photographs, clear text of your journaling, dimension of your paper and embellishments. The standard name for each of the files will be 01, 02, etc. All files will be stored in a clearly marked, separate folder on the DVD.

Low-resolution files
A low-resolution file of each album page will also be included. Our standard low-resolution is 100 ppi. The name for each file must be the same name as the corresponding high-resolution file. All files will be stored in a clearly marked, separate folder on the CD/DVD.

2 (two) complete copies of album on DVD
The high-resolution files are very large. The DVD media can easily hold all features of your album copy on one DVD. A DVD will hold approximately 100 layouts. You will receive 2 (two) complete copies of your album preservation on DVD. It is recommended that you refresh and update your archived album every 5 years to the latest media option.

Temporary storage of DVD copy
A copy of your DVD will be kept at Scan Your Memory offices for a limited number of days after your order is complete. In the event that you decide in the first few weeks to have additional copies made, we will use our copy on file and fill your order quickly.

Additional copies on DVD
Additional copies of your album preservation and/or digital albums may be purchased for a nominal fee, quantity discounts are available.


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