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Create Yearbooks in a Snap!

Join my friend Heidi tomorrow night: free online workshop where she shows you how to make your  yearbooks – in a snap!  Make THIS the year you get caught up – or at least complete 2009 …

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Writing Tip #1 Give the Story not just the Image

Exercise: Grab a photo, any photo. This can be a picture of you at the beach. It can be of a hike you took at Yellowstone. It can be a picture of your birthday party. Or it can be a simple picture of you and a friend.

Now, for 15 minutes, write everything you can about his photo: who’s in it, where does the picture take place, what smells do you remember from when this photo was taken, why did you take the photo, etc.

Goal: Get yourself thinking about the storybooking process. Storybooking is not only about preserving photos, it’s about preserving the whole memory. And without the words, the pictures don’t mean anything to the reader.

See a this example of story and words combined.