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Writing Tip #1 Give the Story not just the Image

Exercise: Grab a photo, any photo. This can be a picture of you at the beach. It can be of a hike you took at Yellowstone. It can be a picture of your birthday party. Or it can be a simple picture of you and a friend.

Now, for 15 minutes, write everything you can about his photo: who’s in it, where does the picture take place, what smells do you remember from when this photo was taken, why did you take the photo, etc.

Goal: Get yourself thinking about the storybooking process. Storybooking is not only about preserving photos, it’s about preserving the whole memory. And without the words, the pictures don’t mean anything to the reader.

See a this example of story and words combined.


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Breast Cancer Awareness

Natalie, a fellow Heritage Makers consultant, writes about her Cancer Story in the HM Blog. Who do you know that needs to document their story? We have the templates to help!

Spirit of Heritage Tour

The Spirit of Heritage Tour in Oct & Nov
Heritage Makers Business Opportunity

Do you have passion for strengthening family, recording memories, researching family history or enjoying the everyday successes of your children? Learn how to turn your passion into cash from the President of one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.! Heritage Makers, a top Inc. 500 list company, is the leader in online digital storybooking and personal publishing.

Heritage Makers President and Founder, Doug Cloward and wife Judy are coming to a town near you to share the Heritage Makers mission, vision and business opportunity. Learn how you can work from home around your family schedule and contribute to the family budget!

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States that will be included are: WY, ID, UT, GA, TN, KY, MC, DC, PA, TX, CO, WA, MN, NV, AZ, CA and Calgary, Canada. Here is a list of all Spirit of Heritage Tour locations with cities listed. Come and join our family!

Spirit of Heritage Tour 2009

Spirit of Heritage Tour 2009

Best of Heritage “Past” Category

Best of Heritage Past Category

Best of Heritage Past Category

Enjoy this video highlighting the storybook “Beyond the Pier” which was recognized as a “Best of Heritage” selection in the “Past” category during our annual convention. This book details the life story of Gloria Mohlis, an immigrant determined to create a life for herself and family in the US.

Best of Heritage “Future” Category

Best of Heritage

Best of Heritage

What an inspiration! A little girl and a miracle … all captured in a storybook by her mother. We all have trails at various points in our lives. How we handle them in the present, effects how we (and our children) relate to them in the future. This storybook was created in our 8×8 size which is on special this month for only $39.95.

Watch this beautiful video highlighting the storybook “Emma Bug’s Miracle” which was recognized as a “Best of Heritage” selection in the “Future” category during our annual Heritage Makers convention. This book was written by Anissa Vegh, the mother of Emma who was diagnosed with Metopic Craniosynostosis in January of 2006.

Do you have boxes of Children’s Artwork?

Childrens Artwork Portfolio

Childrens Artwork Portfolio

Do you have boxes of your child’s artwork from preschool, daycare, elementary school, middle school or high school? What are you saving it for? How long do you intend to save it?

Let me help you reduce clutter while keeping your sentimental items. We scan children’s artwork and help you publish a hardbound art portfolio. It is easy and affordable to do and you can get started right away. View this example of a Children’s Art Portfolio.

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